Monday, 12 June 2017

Some people are happy with religion

Bestlogic to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson sorry cant find my post... ill try answer... if you are in grave sin, yes, u need to confess repent or your soul can be damned.. otherwise, we live our lives god family work charity etc.. god made life as a gift.. however, since we r tempted and fight satan, everyone needs communion as much as u can.. this sacrament of power will help us defeat sin devil etc.. we need jesux bread.. everyones calling is different but i feel we should give jesux at least one hr a day.. the early church broke bread daily... im not saying everyone can or will be like Paul peter mary but we should not allow idols to squeeze charity and prayer fasting.. eg,,, reduce online,  tv,  radio sports etc...Bill Johnson communion is 40 mins .. church 1 to 2 hr a week. confession 25 mins.. there is no excuse for us not to do this stuff even in a 55 hr work week. 
Most work 40 to 75 also considering we could be entering a distressful period ... maybe, we should be in more prayer Bill Johnson im not legalistic but i just eliminated my entertainment by 20 percent and i find more time for god... who needs 4 hrs of tv internet etc movies yard work sports etc..we should cut all leasures down 50 percent we would have 2 hrs a day for god  and 2 for charity, Bill Johnson finally of u have time go to adoration or more rosary meetings ..or spend time with family or charity... balance is good but we need a foundation or all charity will suffer....take care tzlk soon.