Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What ever the reason

Chris, I would have thought that emotions are mostly triggered by outside sources and your reaction to them is when these signals are received by the brain via the nervous system or something like that, you must agree with that, these two organs are both dependent on each other they are interactive, the heart can survive for a period on a machine but the brain cannot survive without the Heart, the Heart function is to circulate blood around the body it doesn’t have the ability to think. I don’t think it does anything other than beat, of course you may know otherwise. Maybe you don’t need a reason to do anything, but then it all depends on what it is you’re planning to do and how serious the outcome of your actions may turn out to be. I don’t suppose you have any personal experience of these ‘Beings’ and the pain and insanity they can inflict on others have you? I can’t recall having written that you was a Chris-tian.  Rumwald the commander of Death you say he thinks that I’m insane, well that’s OK if it makes him happy. These mind parasites you are always going on about, are you sure that you’ve not been reading some science fiction novel.