Thursday, 22 June 2017

Who told you that?

Bill Johnson to CARM Videos
CARM Videos, I don’t recall having said that we evolved from the lower primates, I said that we are the product of evolution. 
You cannot deny that religion is imposed upon the young by parents, guardians and tutor’s, most children have no say in the matter, and with the fear of eternal damnation drummed into their immature minds day after day, these young and impressionable and often terrified young people will accept through fear not love what is unknowable and they will believe in the unseeable and are told to glorify and worship supernatural entities, and any criticism they attempt to make will at the very least be frowned upon, so whatever religion or whatever community these children and their friends have been raised and educated in many of them will throughout their lives  assume they have no need to prove anything.
You said God created us…who taught you to believe that?