Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Bill Johnson to HajiIssa
HajiIssa, It’s rather strong to say everyone is a slave to something, but I agree some people do become addicted to certain thing, but those thing you refer to in your comment are of the natural/physical world.
Of course there is the problem of mental illness that can be portrayed in many different guises, delusions for example. 
I believe and affirm, and then accept what is based mostly on evidence.
What’s this thing that you mention yet fail to explain with any clarity that you seem to think is the source of all the universe?
I also agree with you that science will not always be in a position to give definitive answers to problems unsolved that’s obvious, but science does solve extremely difficult problems that were once only theories.
If you are a slave to your ego then so be it…I have no intention of being a slave to anything or anyone.