Monday, 10 July 2017

Neither does anyone else...

Bill Johnson
Mark Rome, If people want to believe in God and all the rest of the tomfoolery religious people get up to, then let them get on with it.
If only these people could get themselves out of this quandary, this constant state of indecisive perpetual wishful thinking that’s been instilled in them by religious bigots then I think they would realise and feel what true freedom is and once free from the suffocating cloak of religious intolerance and suppression they could just get on with life and enjoy themselves.
With regard’s to me ‘searching’ it’s always best to search for the truth, keep digging, ask questions, search out problems and if possible find solutions and then maybe we can provide substantial evidence to back up our claims…something religion cannot do.
You say I’m here because I believe deep down there something else, you are incorrect, initially I’m here because when I first came across this video I found  the antics of the video presenter hilarious, half the time you are unable to hear the question, and the other half of the time the presenter is so close to the microphone all you get is a distorted babble, I’m also still here because someone replied to my first comment and I thought it appropriate to respond. 
And finally I’m not convinced about the existence of any God whatsoever and I never have been, I possess no knowledge of whether there is a God, or if there is not a God…and I feel extremely confident neither does anyone else.