Friday, 14 July 2017

Predestination or not?

Bill Johnson
If Gods plan is un-changeable then prayer is not needed.
Everything you see, everything you hear and everything you touch and smell and think are the result of these natural senses, this is what the real world is all about. 
It’s obvious that most of the things that make life bearable are the work of man and the development of science by man and the ingenuity of man.
Believing in good and evil spirits is all piffle, religion is for some people nothing more than wishful thinking, it’s a comfort blanket to shield them from the doubts and the fears of they’re daily lives when they are unable to fully face up to the reality of what the future holds and especially the finality of life.
These revealed religions are man made they simply survive by preaching distorted stories that occurred thousands of years ago, some of these story’s maybe based on facts but most of them are all abject nonsense and hearsay.